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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Halalko
Date: Apr 16 2004 06:46pm
If the real result is just half as nice as you describe it, then I'll happyly wait 2 years to get the TRS version of this :D

From: JFE
Date: Apr 12 2004 02:02pm
I can still download all 3 files. Note that they are NOT CDP files, but zip files of the directories the CDP files would create (the CDP files were corrupted). See the Installation note on the main page for the directory from which you should unzip these files. NOTE: The TRS2004 models are much better, don't suffer from UTC bugs, include the SP2 passenger handling, and will be available this summer. It will be worth the wait. JFE.

From: Broluv
Date: Mar 24 2004 09:32pm
I can't download any of the monorail files. Please fix the links.

From: Flamerail
Date: Mar 20 2004 03:24pm
i have the animation fix send me the mesh and consider it animated :)

From: Ish
Date: Feb 27 2004 12:40pm
Is the monorail at Auran DLS? Thanks!!!

From: Therit
Date: Feb 24 2004 10:20am
I have found the reason that I cant get the download it said that the files where invalid or corrupted.

From: Therit
Date: Feb 16 2004 09:41am
I cant get the monorail downloadid

From: Sean
Date: Mar 30 2003 06:15pm
Hi! I was just wondering if the city that is featured on the Description pages is going to be relesed. I love the Monorails!

From: DaveD
Date: Jan 27 2003 08:29am
WooooHoooo ! Luv it ! Excellent work guys.....

From: thunders
Date: Jan 6 2003 02:29pm
The trains dont show up in my consist window. I am useing trainz utc. They do show up in content explorer. I had to use the b zip and manualy put the files in dispature. What did I do wrong. Can someone help me?

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