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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Flamerail
Date: Mar 20 2004 03:24pm
i have the animation fix send me the mesh and consider it animated :)

From: Ish
Date: Feb 27 2004 12:40pm
Is the monorail at Auran DLS? Thanks!!!

From: Therit
Date: Feb 24 2004 10:20am
I have found the reason that I cant get the download it said that the files where invalid or corrupted.

From: Therit
Date: Feb 16 2004 09:41am
I cant get the monorail downloadid

From: Sean
Date: Mar 30 2003 06:15pm
Hi! I was just wondering if the city that is featured on the Description pages is going to be relesed. I love the Monorails!

From: DaveD
Date: Jan 27 2003 08:29am
WooooHoooo ! Luv it ! Excellent work guys.....

From: thunders
Date: Jan 6 2003 02:29pm
The trains dont show up in my consist window. I am useing trainz utc. They do show up in content explorer. I had to use the b zip and manualy put the files in dispature. What did I do wrong. Can someone help me?

From: MATE
Date: Dec 28 2002 08:33pm
I am in the middle of downloading now. Thanks for releasing it. Will come back and tell you what I think ....Alan

From: Tad
Date: Dec 23 2002 01:58pm
I've Ben Wanting One Of These!

From: Trainz001
Date: Oct 30 2002 10:43am
Hi...Wow...look what we missing out on...all because Auran can't be bothered to do a fix....mmmm!...when is it gonna be released(Beta Most Welcome)..looking forward to this...really eyecatching and stunning to say the least!....100/100 for this accomplishment!... Keep up the excellent work!

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