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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Miguel G
Date: Jan 28 2005 09:02pm
How about a .exe for the original Trainz?

From: JFE
Date: Jan 17 2005 05:52pm
There were monorails for UTC, but limitations in the game made them very limited and difficult to use. When TRS came out with the ability to script individual pieces, I created the current set and dropped the original as I could no longer keep it up for people. I'm not in the business of selling Auran's game updates for them, but I can only afford to keep the curret set up to date. Jampiter: Look at the trouble shooting comments in the release notes. There are a number of suggestions for people having trouble with the junctions. Lots of people are using them, so I'm pretty sure they do work. JFE.

From: Scott Jensen
Date: Jan 10 2005 12:08am
Very cool your making the contemporary. Need any pics of it or do you have all you need? I will be there Friday again.

From: MiguelG
Date: Jan 9 2005 12:43pm
I wish there were monorails for the original Trainz.

From: jampiter
Date: Jan 6 2005 02:59pm
i cant change the points, even with the S

From: jampiter
Date: Jan 6 2005 02:58pm
is there any more monorails for TRS2004?

From: Chris
Date: Dec 20 2004 02:37pm
Is there a version of this for the original Trainz? Thanks

From: JFE
Date: Dec 8 2004 08:18pm
The problem isn't the sound files, which I have, it's syncronizing them with the movement of the train into and out of the station, which is controlled by the station. I think I know a way of doing this, but it will be awhile before I can get to it, as I'm currently tied up creating the Contemporary Resort as a station. JFE.

From: Scott
Date: Nov 22 2004 05:54pm
Is there a way to add the sound effects of the monorail or did I not set it up correctly? How about the spiel at the loading and unloading.

From: marc bouchard canada
Date: Oct 19 2004 10:28pm
Mille fois bravos travail inpeccable j ai beaucoup de plaisir. merci.

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