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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Snake
Date: Feb 21 2005 05:31am
To Therit: My computer also say that trainz is not installed. Here is problem in the installator. Download any ZIP extractor and normally extract that exe file. It is ZIP file with wizard. After that you will have few folders and their components copy normally to trainz folders. Bye. Snake

From: Jordy
Date: Feb 5 2005 04:13pm
Brilliant! Download it Now!

From: JFE
Date: Jan 31 2005 03:43pm
Tim: First make sure you read the release notes. If you still have questions, send them to the email address suggested in the release note. Miguel: You can purchase Trainz directly from the Auran online store, including older versions I believe, but I no longer support the version of the monorails for anything before TRS2004--they are completely different than the contend downloadable here. JFE.

From: Miguel G
Date: Jan 28 2005 09:02pm
How about a .exe for the original Trainz?

From: JFE
Date: Jan 17 2005 05:52pm
There were monorails for UTC, but limitations in the game made them very limited and difficult to use. When TRS came out with the ability to script individual pieces, I created the current set and dropped the original as I could no longer keep it up for people. I'm not in the business of selling Auran's game updates for them, but I can only afford to keep the curret set up to date. Jampiter: Look at the trouble shooting comments in the release notes. There are a number of suggestions for people having trouble with the junctions. Lots of people are using them, so I'm pretty sure they do work. JFE.

From: Scott Jensen
Date: Jan 10 2005 12:08am
Very cool your making the contemporary. Need any pics of it or do you have all you need? I will be there Friday again.

From: MiguelG
Date: Jan 9 2005 12:43pm
I wish there were monorails for the original Trainz.

From: jampiter
Date: Jan 6 2005 02:59pm
i cant change the points, even with the S

From: jampiter
Date: Jan 6 2005 02:58pm
is there any more monorails for TRS2004?

From: Chris
Date: Dec 20 2004 02:37pm
Is there a version of this for the original Trainz? Thanks

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