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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: JFE
Date: Dec 8 2004 08:18pm
The problem isn't the sound files, which I have, it's syncronizing them with the movement of the train into and out of the station, which is controlled by the station. I think I know a way of doing this, but it will be awhile before I can get to it, as I'm currently tied up creating the Contemporary Resort as a station. JFE.

From: Scott
Date: Nov 22 2004 05:54pm
Is there a way to add the sound effects of the monorail or did I not set it up correctly? How about the spiel at the loading and unloading.

From: marc bouchard canada
Date: Oct 19 2004 10:28pm
Mille fois bravos travail inpeccable j ai beaucoup de plaisir. merci.

From: JFE
Date: Oct 5 2004 09:05pm
Adrian: Read the FAQ in the release notes on this question for details. It is a known problem that people are looking into. It helps to enter Driver directly from the main menu rather than using CTRL+F2 from Surveyor. JFE.

From: Brady
Date: Oct 5 2004 09:00pm

From: Adrian
Date: Oct 4 2004 08:33am
I have a question! Why after some minutes the junction start changing the direction by them self. Even in your layout is happened. Thanks!

From: JFE
Date: Oct 4 2004 08:01am
I'm not sure what you mean. You have an icon for Trainz but double clicking it doesn't work? You installed Trainz and now it's gone? You double click the downloaded monorail CDP files and Windows does not automatically install it? If this last item is the case, read the install instructions on the welcome page of the release notes for information on what to do about that. JFE.

From: Therit
Date: Oct 2 2004 12:55pm
My computor says that trainz is not on my computor but it is. Can anybody tell me what is going on.

From: MATE
Date: Oct 1 2004 07:52pm
I am in the middle of downloading and if your screenshots are anything to go by I feel that this is going to be a great experience in Trainz. I expect that we will be seeing many screenshots in the screenshot forum. :>) Thanks for a great addition to Trainz and all the work and time you have put into this. Alan

From: JFE
Date: Oct 1 2004 12:28pm
We had a slight delay due to hardware problems Amigo was having with the site Thursday night. So, now everything is up and available for use. I hope you all have fun with it. JFE.

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