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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Halalko
Date: Oct 1 2004 05:58am
NOOooooo, you didn't make it by the end of september? *just kiddin mate* :D But I really can't wait much longer for this gem ;)

From: Adrian
Date: Oct 1 2004 04:50am
Is 1th of October!

From: TorontoTRainz
Date: Sep 28 2004 07:31pm
JFE First let me congratulate you, on all of the work involved in taking this gem to major new heights with trs2004. I would also like to thank you for allowing TT the exclusive release rights to it as you worked on all it now offers, which is truly stunning. We hope we could be of assistance and want all to know, that come 9/30 you ALL are in for a huge treat from JFE. He has worked very long and hard on all this, and it really shines in every new feature, which theres lots! Hat's off JFE, and congrats on the release of the NEW TRS2004 Monorail! its simply amazing! And from all here at TT, and a note from the Team, It was a' pleasure working you mate' Cheers tommy

From: Brad
Date: Sep 26 2004 11:51am
I am new to the Trainz community, but a huge fan of the WDW monorails. Perhaps we could organize some system for sharing the work of constructing a Seven Seas Lagoon layout? Perhaps a central posting area?

From: JFE
Date: Sep 25 2004 10:15am
Okay, I'm going to try to get the TRS CDP and release notes up on this site by the end of the month. Of course, that means Thursday night (9/30) here in the US, but it will still be in September. JFE.

From: Rooneth3808
Date: Sep 16 2004 08:38am
I'm definately starting up work on my Walt Disney World layout when these come out :). Can't wait!

From: Chris c
Date: Sep 9 2004 11:31am
I expect the SP2 version, when it comes, will be used for a stunning entry for the Auran Trainz movie competition (see Lets hope it proves to promote the real thing!

From: MATE
Date: Sep 7 2004 06:53am
Looking great. I downloaded the original way back and couldnt get it to work properly so am looking forward to the new release. Alan

From: JFE
Date: Aug 29 2004 09:58pm
Okay, most of the content is built and is still being testing. As mentioned on the main page, I have been working with a couple of other projects whose schedule I can't control, and their schedules, which affect this release, have slipped into September. Arggghhh. I'll make the new models available as soon as I can, but that probably won't be for a few weeks yet, sorry. In the meantime, I've put some new shots on the media page, and have created a larger demo page replacing the Auran staions with monorail stations, all with full passenger support, and added several new types of beams. Hope you like the waterfalls too. JFE.

From: Adrian
Date: Aug 25 2004 03:57am
We have 6 days left until of 1th of September and the TRS2004 version is not ready? :))))) Hmmmmmmm ... ok, ok we will wait!

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