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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: MATE
Date: Dec 28 2002 08:33pm
I am in the middle of downloading now. Thanks for releasing it. Will come back and tell you what I think ....Alan

From: Tad
Date: Dec 23 2002 01:58pm
I've Ben Wanting One Of These!

From: Trainz001
Date: Oct 30 2002 10:43am
Hi...Wow...look what we missing out on...all because Auran can't be bothered to do a fix....mmmm!...when is it gonna be released(Beta Most Welcome)..looking forward to this...really eyecatching and stunning to say the least!....100/100 for this accomplishment!... Keep up the excellent work!

From: JNN
Date: Sep 17 2002 10:24pm
Great idea keep up the work!!

From: Alan (MATE)
Date: Sep 14 2002 11:29pm
I think the screenshots are great, Didnt realise you were this far advanced, I look forward to the release of this. even if it is just beta....Alan

From: joseph
Date: Aug 14 2002 04:21pm
an those look good now all you need is WDW layout and your got it. are you going to have the WDW monorial guy talk whiel running and the open and close the dorrs "please stand clear of the doors". lokk real good and keep up the great work on that monorail it will be your greatest acomplishment.

From: GG1 Fan
Date: Jul 3 2002 12:39pm
Looks great. My son loves these units. We went to Disney World last year. He figured out how to ride the cab , all the time, from our hotel. Will the layout feature all the Disney stops. Would love to see the unit pulling in to the Contemporary. I am brand new to trainz can't wait to give back to the community.

From: DharkBizkit
Date: Jun 4 2002 09:31am
Hey c'mon, set up a beta version! PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Maxim Paradis (MonsieurMax)
Date: May 17 2002 07:52pm
Amazing!!! It is looking very nice! Great Hard work!!! Thanks for bringing those monorails to Trainz! I can't wait to run those on my own computer!!! (Drool!) Again, Congratulations!!!

From: Wazzer
Date: May 10 2002 05:19am
Great work -I think you have set the benchmark. I am inspired to get moving on some of my (much smaller) projects Waz

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