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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: JFE
Date: Nov 19 2006 09:12am
All the monorail content is now available from the Auran Download station. I have discovered that it can be difficult to download into TRS2004 if you also have TRS20006, as CMP grabs the DLS connection and puts everyting in TRS2006. There are about 117 items to download, so you can just search for everything by JFE. Each item is on the DLS separately so people can use the individual parts on their own maps if they wish, so you will end up doing lots of small downloads instead of one very large one. This also makes it easier if you have a slow connection, or one that tends to break often because it is easy to restart with the last item you were downloadnig. I'm still looking into a problem with the junctions, but what is there should work quite well.

From: The_Raf
Date: Nov 8 2006 10:55am
uhm, you see, i got this problem i cant download the files, nor the other files on this site, if you have these problems too, pl e-mail me thnx

From: carlitus
Date: Oct 22 2006 07:38am
where I can download this project for trs2004?

From: Roon3808
Date: Sep 26 2006 06:34pm
Wow, great work guys! You may remember me as the guy who made the Walt Disney World route for TRS2004. I don't work in Trainz nearly as much anymore, but when i just happened to see the new work put into this project, i realized i may have to dive back in and update it with all your new creations (especially love the Contemp. :)). Simply awesome, and thanks again guys! ~Roon

From: JFE
Date: Aug 9 2006 06:51pm
Okay, the new monorail content is available on the TRS2006 SP1 CD. The fixed track junctions only work in TRS2006, but everything else also works in TRS2004. Everything except the drivers and the Release Notes is also available from the Auran Download Station. Therefore, I will be replacing this content with the drivers and the Release notes for the newest version of the WDW Monorail Project when I get back from a business trip, probably next week some time. The new content fixes thr moving junction bug, includes the Contemporary Resort station, has drivable trains in all 12 colors, has night lighting for stations and trains, and lots more. After almost a year and a half of work and distribution frustration, we're almost back in business again. JFE.

From: DasMatze
Date: May 21 2006 10:41am
This is sooo cool. The best Custom Content for Trainz ever!!!

From: JEFF
Date: Oct 5 2005 03:06pm
wow, just downloaded all the files! way too cool! maybe, in the future you could include the original mark I, II and III trains.

From: Michael
Date: Aug 23 2005 04:28pm
As a former Monorail pilot for WDW I have to say awesome job!!! It brings back so many memories!! Keep it up

From: Rodney30
Date: Aug 22 2005 01:03am
Brilliant addition to Trainz. Even got me to use paypal for donation which is not easy. Grandkidz love the opening doors and moving junctions.

From: gus228
Date: Aug 17 2005 11:33am
This time, most of the links worked, except for the ones of the monorail itself. *Hopefully* it will work THIS time.
About LV Monorail
Monorail 1
Monorail 2
Monorail 3

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