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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Mark Salter
Date: Mar 8 2010 03:30pm
It's a shame this project has been discontinued. There are many people out there who would love this. Thanks for your efforts JFE, but a WDW fully modeled Mark VI monorail and route is long overdue - I will embark on a mission to create one myself.

Date: Feb 17 2010 06:22am
I really hope that you start this project again..please! I have been wanting this route for so long, and I marval at your amazing work! Could you please release it, or restart work? Even if its not fully detailed? :(

From: JFE
Date: Feb 11 2009 02:21pm
Nope, I haven't had time to work on this content for some time now. I've essentially retired from it because of other commitments. I may return to it some day, but it'd not in my plans for the foreseeable future. Sorry. JFE.

From: Taylor
Date: May 22 2008 06:40pm
Any chance of seeing the Anaheim Mark VII monorails soon?

From: JFE
Date: Feb 26 2008 03:22pm
You should download the current content from the Trains Download Station. It does require SP1 in order to handle the passengers correctly. It works on TRS2004 and TRS2006, but it uses multiple Level Of Detail models, which is a known problem in Trainz Classics. I'd actually like to model the original Mk I in Disneyland, but I don't think I'll have too much time for any new projects in the forseeable future. I'm not aware of any DCC problems with the current code. Note that there is a thread named Monorail Information in the Trainz TRS2006 forum that provides additional information on DCC controls, track direction and station directions, etc. That's your best place to look for help. Good luck to everyone, and I hope you enjoy the project.

From: Taylor
Date: Feb 1 2008 08:11pm
Great, but does it work in Trainz Classics? I tried it and the interior (looking from outside) and the doors don't show up.

Date: Jan 22 2008 08:10pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:19am

From: Mark Wilson
Date: Dec 28 2007 07:27pm
Any thoughts on modeling the Mark VII monorails just delivered to Anaheim?

From: Knodis
Date: Dec 18 2007 10:53pm
Is it releast or can i download it?

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