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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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Date: Jan 22 2008 09:19am

From: Mark Wilson
Date: Dec 28 2007 07:27pm
Any thoughts on modeling the Mark VII monorails just delivered to Anaheim?

From: Knodis
Date: Dec 18 2007 10:53pm
Is it releast or can i download it?

From: Lewis
Date: Dec 11 2007 05:08pm
Heya, just wondering, were can i download this, due to the patch does not work for me, to many errors, thanks!

From: Taylor
Date: Oct 24 2007 08:31pm
I'm still having the same problem I had after downloading the updates. My DCC controls keep resetting after exiting or entering a station.

From: Miguel
Date: Sep 21 2007 01:37am
I downloaded all of the dependencies and cars for the monorail and still have nothing. The monorail is in my train list, but it doesn't show up on the track or in the railyard. What's wrong with the train?

From: JFE
Date: Aug 3 2007 10:19pm
The problem with the trains not going well with DCC controls has been fixed. Download the newest updates from the download station to fix that. All the comments about cabs not working that I am aware of have been due to missing content. Make sure you have all the objects indicated in the release notes including the drivers. In TRS2006, check the dependencies to make sure everything is there. As always, check the Monorail Information thread in the TRS2006 forum for additional help. JFE.

From: tofer
Date: Feb 10 2007 12:26pm
my monorail cabs don't work but the cars do. please help

From: trainz
Date: Nov 22 2006 07:25pm
There's a problem. When I attemt to exit a station and go at a speed above 2mph, it sets back to 0.

From: JFE
Date: Nov 19 2006 09:13am
By the way, this is still the best place to get the release notes.

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