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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project

Overview of Gold at at the Epcot Station and the surrounding area, including correct wide crosswalks, sidewalks road dividers and ground texture.
Sep 13 2007 08:59pm

Gold arriving at the Epcot station platform at night with all the lights on.
Sep 13 2007 08:55pm

Gold arriving at the Epcot Station platform. Doors on both sides of the train and the platform gates open, arriving passengers exit on the left, departing passengers enter on the right. All doors and gates then close, and the train will depart.
Sep 13 2007 08:53pm

Approaching the Contemporary Resort station on the local beamway and leaving the resort on the express beamway.
Sep 13 2007 08:48pm

The Contemporary Resort in the distance.
Sep 13 2007 08:46pm

Approaching the Contemporary Resort on the express beamway at night.
Sep 13 2007 08:45pm

Green leaving the North Station at night.
Sep 13 2007 08:42pm

Gold passing animated waterfalls that are part of the Monorail Project content.
Oct 1 2004 12:04pm

Undercarriage details with more accurate structure, visible stabilizer wheels, and door control arms.
Oct 1 2004 12:00pm

Green loading passengers at the double platform North Station showing vehicle door and interior details. All hinges and control arms on all doors are animated, and the trains fully support the new passenger handling.
Oct 1 2004 11:54am

Red entering the single platform South Station.
Oct 1 2004 11:52am

The driver's console, which is not yet animated, but it will be.
Oct 1 2004 11:41am

Car interior view while waiting at the North Station.
Oct 1 2004 11:30am

The curved single beam tunnel with signal from Gold's cab.
Oct 1 2004 11:25am

The straight double beam tunnel from Gold's cab.
Oct 1 2004 11:24am

Speed and signal controls coming into the South Station
Oct 1 2004 11:15am

This is same view as the previous shot with the video settings set lower. If Trainz looks like this to you, see the release notes on video settings that may improve your view
Oct 1 2004 11:14am

Animated junction moving from the mainline position to a left-hand turnout position, with sound effects of course
Oct 1 2004 11:11am

Blue crossing a gorge on the new high support double beams. A high support single beam is also available.
Oct 1 2004 10:26am

Gold running behind the waterfall, which is animated, of course. The beamway behind the fall is attached directly to the rock face of the cliff.
Oct 1 2004 10:23am

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