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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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Date: Jun 6 2005 02:28am

From: Signalman65
Date: May 23 2005 01:44pm
Just bought TRS2004 and installed the new version of the monorail. It runs much better then the UTC version I had first. Only problem I could see was with the switches flipping when they shouldn't, contacted JFE and he said there are new ones that fix this. I am in the process of making a map of the WDW area. Have been collecting information and pictures on the topography, for starters. I what to get the land and tracks laid first, and will worry about the buildings and other content later. I use to work there my self. Part of the time was in the monorail shops.

From: Jampiter
Date: May 5 2005 11:48am
For some reason the red carriage doesn't appear in the menu.How do I fix this so i can have all 4 colours? ( I use TRS2004 SP2 )

From: Steve Brown
Date: Apr 17 2005 03:01am
Totally addicted to your monorail system. What a buzz and its added a whole new feel to Trainz. Thanks for all your hard work. Steve

From: JFE
Date: Mar 28 2005 10:26am
As usual, the answer to component names, and just about everything alse related to the monorails, is in the Release Notes, which you should download and read if you are planning to use this content. There will be new monorail content with the next version of Trainz, including a model of the Contemporary Resort. When that happens is up to Auran, but the monorails will be a part of it. JFE.

From: Shapiro
Date: Mar 12 2005 02:26pm
Hi! Let you know I has trouble one thing " Animated Junction".. I lost Animated Junction my list in TRS and I didn't remember these name of ? ... I tried find it. There's not name of list. I don't know what's happen. I need to know what's name of ?... Let me know and send me those dispatcher replace.. My email's [email protected] Alec L. Shapiro

From: jampiter
Date: Mar 8 2005 01:42pm
Thanks,JFE! when abouts can we expect any other monorails?

From: Snake
Date: Feb 21 2005 05:31am
To Therit: My computer also say that trainz is not installed. Here is problem in the installator. Download any ZIP extractor and normally extract that exe file. It is ZIP file with wizard. After that you will have few folders and their components copy normally to trainz folders. Bye. Snake

From: Jordy
Date: Feb 5 2005 04:13pm
Brilliant! Download it Now!

From: JFE
Date: Jan 31 2005 03:43pm
Tim: First make sure you read the release notes. If you still have questions, send them to the email address suggested in the release note. Miguel: You can purchase Trainz directly from the Auran online store, including older versions I believe, but I no longer support the version of the monorails for anything before TRS2004--they are completely different than the contend downloadable here. JFE.

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