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The Trainz WDW Monorail Project
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From: Evan
Date: Aug 22 2004 12:21am
I cannot install this either. The release notes do not help at all. They are for an older version. Please help.

From: Tommy
Date: Aug 18 2004 10:10pm
How's it coming? Will you be done by the end of August? We can't wait!!

From: C
Date: Jul 22 2004 04:20pm
Hope you get the T2004 version ready soon! Can't wait!

From: pw
Date: Jun 28 2004 12:38pm
help i cant install anything

From: UFO64
Date: Jun 27 2004 10:58am
Cant wait! Your first release was great, but the new beams will really make this useable in route building!

From: JFE
Date: Jun 25 2004 07:44am
The TRS2004 version should be ready some time in August. I'm currently working on passenger support for the stations, and fixing the Auran Jet alphs channel problem in the original station design.

From: Nicolaas1
Date: Jun 12 2004 05:02pm
When will the trs2004 version be ready ?

From: Brady
Date: Jun 7 2004 11:37pm
Looks fantastic!

From: Adrian
Date: Jun 7 2004 04:41am
When it will be ready the model for TRS2004? I just wait to instal them. Thank you!

From: JFE
Date: May 30 2004 04:05pm
Screenshots of the new TRS2004 models with full passenger handling are now on the media tab. Have a look at what's coming later this summer. JFE.

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