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Building a Double Slip Switch, by John King
 Read | Write  comments: 12 Posted Thu Feb 07 2002 11:37am
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Step 9 - Avoiding disaster

Our double slip may work but it certainly isn't functional. We need to bring the outer tracks closer to reduce the curves to something a locomotive can handle.

Press (T) or choose the Track Mode.
Press (M) or select the Move button.
Click on Spline (8) and move it closer to the diamond. Do the same with Spline (9) until the junctions look like they can handle a train. The picture opposite shows an acceptable result. (Fig.17)


Step 10 - Save your work! (It pays to save often)

Close Surveyor and open driver:

Save your work (fig.18)


Open the driver setup screen and choose a single locomotive (fig.19)


Select terrain, select your test layout and set your track marker. Now open the Driver module. (fig.20)


Step 11 - Test the double switch and point levers

Give your work a real test. Hopefully you won't derail, but if you do, go back to Surveyor and make the curves less sharp. This will be unlikely, so test your switch levers to ensure that the locomotive goes down each track properly. (fig.21)


If all is okay, it's back to Surveyor to finish off your masterpiece!


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