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Building a Double Slip Switch, by John King
 Read | Write  comments: 12 Posted Thu Feb 07 2002 11:37am
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Adding Switch Levers

The steps in this section may look as messy as the first section, but don't worry. Save your work before moving on, and remember that the old (Ctl Z) combination will get you out of trouble when things do go wrong.
Let's start with the switch levers (point levers to us Aussies)

Step 6 - Selecting the switch levers

It will be necessary to use the Track menu to locate the point levers. To do this, press (F4) or click on the Track Tab.

When the Track menu has been opened, choose (1) Trackside Mode or type (T) (Fig.08)


Use the left < or right > buttons (2) to locate the switch (point) lever. (Fig.09)


Click the Add button (3) to select the lever. (Fig.10)


You can use the Rotate button (R) to place the lever on either side of the track. (Fig.11)



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