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Trainz Luvr (trainZ lover) is a "one-stop-shop" for the Auran Trainz train-sim. In here you will find anything and everything relating to the game, or in some case trains in general. Use the menu above (those cute icons below the logo) to navigate the site.
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Tue Dec 13 2011, 05:51pm 
Oh yeah, and the most importantly, a milestone for this site: 15 YEARS since Trainz Luvr first came online. Happy birthday to all you Trainz Luvrs.

Tue Dec 13 2011, 05:47pm 
I know I had sporadic posts to the site as life and other interests have drawn my attention elsewhere, and would like to change that now.

Ever since getting my first Apple Mac computer. many years ago. I have been devoid of being able to run Trainz. And it's been a long wait for Auran to make a Mac version. Then earlier this year a Mac version was released, yet I did not jump on it right away - I don't even know why.

But, I finally broke down and bought a copy today - call it a small treat for the coming Holidays. My wish is to get back to Trainz and this website, and apply some of the things I've learnt since being away, here...stay tuned.

Sat Jan 1 2011, 04:33pm 
So, the site was hacked by someone called "eboz", and I did not even notice it - shame on me. And shame on you all for not letting me know for a whole month as well.

Either way, the site is now back after I spent my New Year's holiday fixing it. Just swell...

Wed Mar 24 2010, 06:23pm 
Once again, I have to play catch-up with the times as the stuff that's running this site is getting old. In the upcoming days (weeks) I will be updating the site and the server. So if things appear intermittent, don't despair, it's only temporary...

Sat Feb 9 2008, 10:30pm 
Trainz Luvr has been moved to a new server and it seems that the age had finally caught up with it. The code driving the site is so old that it doesn't play nice with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, etc.

You will notice things broken, acting strange and what not, downloads are not working, and most likely projects as well. I am working on it as much as I can, this was just unexpected (duh). Stay tuned...

UPDATE: After making some dirty tricks everything works as it used to, though this isn't really a solution I like, but it will do until I rewrite all the code.

Thu Dec 22 2005, 08:51am 
Happy Holidays to all Trainz luvrs around the world, may it bring health, love peace and prosperty to you and around you.
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