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Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Sat Dec 13 2008, 05:04pm
Leader: mikey186 - Michael Harris
United States
Team: ArtTrain

The M-7 is an electric multiple unit railroad car built by Bombardier, with delivery beginning in 2002. The cars were ordered by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York) for the Long Island Rail Road (M7) and Metro-North Railroad (M7A). They replaced the M1 railcars, which had previously provided electric service on these lines. They run on third rail power. There are two different versions, owing to the different electrical and signaling systems on the LIRR and Metro-North. The cars are in married pairs. The M7s are powered by AC traction motors and accelerate more quickly from a standing stop than previous MU sets. The B Cars contain a handicapped accessible restroom, which is larger than the restroom provided on the M1 and M3 railcars and designed to accept a wheelchair, as well as an attendant and/or service animal (such as a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog) accompanying the passenger. The enlarged bathroom reduced the number of seats in the car. B cars are assigned odd-number designations. Each car contains a complete set of controls for an engineer, conductor, or brakeman.


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