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Why all this?

Over the past year(s) Trainz Luvr has grown pretty large, gathered a big following of both Content Creators and visitors who come here for their daily dose of Trainz content. There are hundreds of downloads being done every day and thousands of visitors every month - in other words alot of data being passed around. As it usually is the case, nothing comes free in this world and costs of running this site are all coming out of my own pocket. On top of that alot of work (and resources) is put into this site to keep it up at a certain level.

In order to alleviate (at least a bit) this constant "pressure" on my end, I'm asking all of you to help run this site and the Community of Content Developers that resides on it with your kind and generous donations. Anything you can donate monthly (or at all) will be greatly appreciated.

Think about it, if you can spare couple of dollars every month, it would mean that this site can grow even bigger, bring you more content and gather more developers without a need for a membership fee or charge per download. In turn, you will get even more amazing projects to see, more 3rd party addons to download and in general have a place for all your Trainz needs. And what about an ad free website; it can happen - you can make it happen.

Remember, this is your community because you as Trainz users are part of it. Please help it if you can !

Amount of Donation:

Again I thank you for your support and attention.

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