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DB Regio RE Passenger Coaches

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Beta Testing
Last Update: Sun Aug 24 2003, 10:51am
Leader: db143 - Sebastian Wild
Team: N/A

Three DB Regio Passenger Coaches in current verkehrsrot livery.

- First Class Passenger Coach
- Second Class Passenger Coach
- Second Class Passenger Coach with Bike storage

All three Coaches are currently in service and I see them almost every day.

The Coaches are reskins of Marcel "Zyryz" D´┐Żhrkamps Kombiverkehr Bcm "Rollende Landstrasse".
Thanx to him for giving me permission to dristribute these reskins.
Plz keep in mind that u NEED to have the Rollende Landstrasse Coach installed to make these reskins run for they need the mesh to work!

NOTICE: As several useres reported to me the reskins seem not to work with the Kombiverkehr BCM that is available at! Please install the one which is availabe at Auran's Download Station to make them work.
This is a texture mapping issue.
Since Zyryz is making a new and better BCM there will also be a new version of this coaches. Maybe one that don't use alias function anymore.


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