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DB E181

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Thu Jul 15 2004, 05:31am
Leader: db143 - Sebastian Wild
Team: N/A

The DB E181.2 SAAR Class electric locomotive is mainly used with passenger trainz. The E181 is equipped with two power systems because they're also used with Trains from Germany to Belgium and back.

This is based on a 3D Model created by MadMike which was an MSTS Model originally.

Thanx to MadMike for giving me the model and allowing me to rebuild it for trainz.

The loco is available for Download now.
It took me a while to find the time to package the reskins but now they're available!

These 181s are availabe now:

181 212-2 "Luxembourg"
181 211-3 "Lorraine"
181 213-0 "Saar" (the main package)
181 209-8 blue livery
181 214-8 "Mosel"
181 225-4 verkehrsrot
181 221-3 orientrot
181 201-5 blue livery

All locos are aliases of 181 213-0 "Saar"! So you need to have this one (Package DB_E181.cdp) installed to make the others run!

Thanx to Christoph Kalina for doing the reskins!!

Have phun with it!


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