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DB E111

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Mon Mar 1 2004, 03:39am
Leader: db143 - Sebastian Wild
Team: N/A

E 111 Class Passenger-Train Locomotive.
Built from a freeware 3D Model which was done by MadMike. I just scaled it and prepared it for use in trainz. I also did a repaint to the verkehrsrot livery.


I found some time to do some work on the 111. The sp3/4 ad UTC Version is now available with dual cab and transparent windows!

Unfortunately I had to change their kuids due to some cdp 2 paranoia, so please delete the old 111 before you install the new one!
You don't need to delete the bogey, it's kuid has not changed :)


I upped a new fixed version after people told me that the currend .cdp was missing the enginespec....
This error should be corrected now...


Trackbuilder published a first beta of the Lufthansa Airport Express consist which contains a LH Airport Express reskin of the 111. You can find the download at outside parties downloads. Here is the URL: Airportexpress.cdp


Added a reskin of the 111 in S-Bahn livery to the files!


The verkehrsrot reskin by sq1 is now available for download here. Thanx to him for creating this one!


Trackbuilder has created two more AirportExpress trains including two new skins for the E111. They are available here:Airportexpressset.cdp
Thanx to him for his nice work!


Trackbuilder created two experimental liveries, an orientred one and 111 030 Tanz der Vampire. He also created a Demozug Trainset including a 111.
These will be available soon(tm)


Technician (formerly known as Trackbuilder) has now finally released the 111 030, the orientred one and the two Design Studies. They are available at the files section now!


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