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Mk1 Coaching Stock

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Sun Sep 26 2004, 12:09pm
Leader: sdark - Steve Dark
United Kingdom
Team: Me - 3D Model,
Alex Barnard (aka wulfruna) - Textures

British Mark I Coaching stock. A very versatile item for every layout. Although the Mark I coaches are due to be scrapped very soon, they have proved to be a popular addition to private and preserved railways.

Current Versions:

Crimson & Cream Livery - v5.1b (Public Beta)
Maroon Livery - v5.0b (Public Beta)
Western Region Livery - v5.0b (Public Beta)
Southern Region Livery - v5.0b (Public Beta)

Next to be released:

Public Beta sets released. Report any issues on the Auran forum in here showthread.php?s=89809bb15a29a09fc79baf11d5a7b62d&threadid=62238

** UPDATE 26 SEPTEMBER 2004 **

Public beta released. These coaches are scripted for use in TRS2004. Current features include:

Tail Marker Warning Lights
Virtual Passenger load support (No passenger's visible)
Maximum Speed Tags

** UPDATE 07 MARCH 2004 **

Due to popular demand and some very kind sentiments shared with me, this project has been re-instated. Future releases are to be expected but not anytime soon. Thank you all for your support and your very kind comments.


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