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hog :: trainz terrain generation tool
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From: Clickity Clack
Date: Feb 17 2004 02:38pm
I also wanted to use this prog but had a prob finding a decent editor for the tga format. Not sure why it has to be tga, perhaps for ease of use this could change in future :) but to get to my point. The instructions suggest Photoshop but that's too expensive for my budget well... I came across a free trial download of PhotoShop7 for 30 days. Don't know how many of you knew about it or need it but here's the link. I also get that error about "Tile template file tile_blank.dat not found or failed to open" when saving to my Trainz folder but I don't seem to have a problem when my TGA files and GND files are opend and saved in my Hog folder (where I run the program from). I don't think you can get satelite photo's for free at this site but it is a site where you can get them for the texturing. If anyone can share where they get theirs for a cost or free please share. I'm guessing the GUI area under Additional data in Hog is for the map and such. Is "optional alternate image for layout minimap" for in-game map when you hit ctr-m? Is "optional image to serve as layout texturing guide" where you put your satelite photo for texturing? what is "optional image to serve as guide for layout filtering" for? I'm pretty sure I got the first 2 right. I just want to make sure. Still haven't done Hog texturing. Doing it all by hand. Thankyou for such a great program. Mike

From: nightmail
Date: Jan 15 2004 05:58am
The cause is that you probably have too many windows open. The save box is getting buried underneath the page you are looking at. With only one or two windows it will normally appear on top but minimising individual windows (not wholesale closing) will make it appear.

From: Matt
Date: Dec 30 2003 06:44am
It's working fine today, must have been my connection. Everything has downloaded and extracted fine.

From: Matt
Date: Dec 29 2003 05:29pm
I have tried to download them but when you click on the link the page just refreshes. If I right click and click save target as it will only save the html file. In Mozilla Internet Explorer, when you click it just refreshes, and when I right click and save target as, it downloads he zips but they're all empty and each is about 8kb in size. Can someone help please?

From: Ronald Houghton
Date: Jul 12 2003 02:07am
What is the process for texturing the boards in hog? How should the texture image be prepared? I don't have photoshop.

From: Bear
Date: Jun 10 2003 06:51pm
Can some one help everything I download on this page only downloads 9kb of the file what should I do?

From: Jim
Date: Mar 28 2003 01:30pm
how do you use this program?

From: Ben Rundell
Date: Jan 19 2003 09:10am
In the GUI version of HOG, how do I input the TIGER data image?

From: tolaris
Date: Jan 5 2003 02:55pm
The current GUI version of the program will fail if the working directory is changed. To get around this, keep all your image files in one folder with the program itself. Alse, use the same directory for the output files. There's no .hlp file for the program at the moment. This (along with the above proble) should be fixed in the next version.

From: Ben Rundell
Date: Jan 5 2003 12:30pm
After downloading and unzipping all of the zip files (in order), in running HOG, I get the message "Tile template file tile_blank.dat not found or failed to open". The file is there. Also, when I tried to use Help, it told me that HOG.hlp was not found. I checked all of the zips and it is not in any of them. Have I missed downloading a file?

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