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hog :: trainz terrain generation tool
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From: bangkit
Date: Sep 10 2012 05:32am
I have an error while generate gnd file.. No terrain developed while compile tga file. Only some of parts of map that generate but not all of map are generated

From: Luke
Date: Aug 27 2012 12:26pm
This is a fabulous tool. I was wondering however if you have ever tried the reverse, taking a trainz map, extracting and converting to something like Terragen, applying various modifications and re-inserting into Trainz. I think I can figure out most of it except reading the format of the GND files, I get ridicously big heights which suggests I'm doing it wrong. Has anyone either got any good docs explaining the format or any code that is self explanatory? Thanks

From: funnnyfarm
Date: Jan 3 2009 11:08pm
Where do I go to find out how to comfigure and use HOG? Thanks funnnyfarm

Date: Jan 22 2008 08:21pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:56am

From: HawkeyeFultz
Date: Jan 12 2008 01:42am
I have had the same problem as some of the others, it won't recognize tile_blank.dat. I haven't had much success with the program though I would like to.

From: trainux
Date: Feb 1 2007 05:13pm
Stan: 1. fill in the boxes 2. file/save 3. exit hog 4. run hog 5. file/open 6. generate .gnd Tamás

From: Stan
Date: Jul 3 2006 01:45pm
HOG program can not see or open the template file tile_blank.dat, even though it is in the same file. Please help. Stan PS Using jrcrawford4 instructions with manual.

From: Police
Date: Jun 29 2006 08:36am
Everybody on this site is underarest!!

Date: May 16 2006 10:38am

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