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Submit your content for download

Upload your own creations and share it with everyone, by simply sending the form below. Fill in all of the fields and press Submit and your details and files will be stored into the Downloads Submissions, from where they will be sorted out and put up on in the Downloads - Outside Parties section.

Some simple guidelines for uploading:

  • Upload only CDP (Custom Dispatcher ) or ZIP files.
  • Preferred format is CDP (Custom Dispatcher).
  • Make sure your screenshot is at 640x480 or 800x600 and optimized (do process them and compress to quality level 6 or 7 in Photoshop to minimize filesize, average 40-80k).
  • Beside supplying the packaged file and a screenshot, you must provide a title and description for the item, your Full Name and possibly handle on the Auran Trainz Forum in the format of:
    First Last (handle). You must also supply a contact email.
    If any of these details are missing your item will not be posted for download and will pend until you are contacted and send appropriate information.
  • KUID is a mandatory field, if you have more than one KUID in the package, enter them all separated by commas (42:123,42:101,42:191...)
  • Try not to use huge texture maps if they are not really necessary (large TGA/BMP files will just make your packages big and long for download.
  • Verify your packaging and installation before sending the files up.
  • Upon a successful upload, you will receive an email confirmation with the details you have submitted.
If you have any questions or problems, please email the Webmaster.

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