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The current wish list is shown below, to add your own wish to the list please click but be sure to put only *one* wish per entry, please do not pile up your wishes in one spot.

To see a wish, click on its title. You will also be able to place your vote for that item, but have in mind that votes do not mean project will be worked on, they simply signify amount of interest in perticular item.
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If you know that a wish has been fulfilled, but it is not marked in here, please email and send us the URL where the item can be found. Thanks !

TitleCategorySubmission byDateVotes
Smaller selection circles Layout Terry Warner Wed Jan 9 2002, 07:01pm 559
Got Steam? Rolling Stock Huffnpuff Wed Mar 27 2002, 06:30am 396
Sawmill/burner/ lumberpiles/logs Scenery CeeBee Thu Dec 27 2001, 06:02pm 366
Pennsylvania Anything and Everything Rolling Stock Lance (prr001) Wed Jan 30 2002, 12:23am 350
1950's automobiles and trucks Scenery Steve Thompson Fri Jan 18 2002, 08:01am 330
Narrow gauge engine/stock Rolling Stock Ed Hummel Sun Feb 3 2002, 12:27pm 325
Car driving in Trainz Other Tanja Alzi Mon Mar 18 2002, 06:14pm 318
big steam locomotive Other Ramon Fouwels Thu Mar 14 2002, 01:54pm 314
19th century steam locomotives Rolling Stock Charles aka-Cody Sun Mar 24 2002, 05:10pm 313
animals - both wild and domestic, large and small. Scenery Mike Garner Wed Feb 6 2002, 06:18pm 308
BR Britannia 4-6-2 Class 7P Steam Locomotive Rolling Stock ChileanLlama Thu Apr 4 2002, 04:57pm 296
Shunter (BR Class 08). British outline steam locos (small) Rolling Stock Ajax Fri Feb 8 2002, 07:46am 292
Any and all logging related Other Peter Fargo Sun Dec 30 2001, 06:24am 279
S.A.R. Engine 520 (the Sir Malcolm Barclay Harvey) Other Andy_N Sun Dec 30 2001, 07:25am 275
LMS Jubilee 4-6-0 Class 5XP Steam Loco Rolling Stock ChileanLlama Thu Apr 4 2002, 04:42pm 274
Cosntruction vehicles Scenery Bjornm Sat Jan 12 2002, 05:17pm 269
Some steam engine Rolling Stock Jan Hrbatik Fri Mar 29 2002, 07:34am 266
Small church Scenery CeeBee Sat Jan 12 2002, 04:02pm 263
LMS black 5 Rolling Stock Andy Card Mon Feb 25 2002, 01:59am 262
STEAM in particular Victorian S streamliners! Rolling Stock Comtrain Thu Jan 10 2002, 06:20am 260
Some loco sound tweaking Rolling Stock Terry Warner Fri Dec 28 2001, 06:07pm 251
rotating river bridge Other Noel Raley Mon Feb 25 2002, 10:44pm 250
Early 1900's brick factories and warehouses. Scenery CeeBee Fri Jan 4 2002, 08:27am 246
Great Lakes ore dock Scenery CeeBee Fri Jan 4 2002, 08:29am 246
Cement Plant Scenery CeeBee Sat Jan 12 2002, 03:46pm 245
Brewery Scenery CeeBee Fri Jan 18 2002, 05:47pm 245
Cantilever bridges Scenery Thomas E Thorsen Tue Feb 26 2002, 03:26pm 244
Fir Trees, Pine Trees Scenery CeeBee Thu Jan 3 2002, 04:43pm 243
Lumber Loads Rolling Stock 70000 Thu Jan 10 2002, 09:14pm 243
Great Lakes ore carrier Scenery CeeBee Fri Jan 4 2002, 08:30am 242
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