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To-Scale Switches and Slips (part.2), by Dr. Norbert Aust (Switchdoc)
 Read | Write  comments: 10 Posted Sun May 04 2003 4:02pm
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Because the splinepoints end up very close together it is somewhat difficult to put in the connecting pieces of track. So I place two pieces of track somewhere handy for use and connect them afterwards to the splinepoints (Figs.24, 25, 26, 27, 28).

Now we remove the pinetree and straighten all 4 trackpieces that are connected to the new slip. This should look like these here (Figs.29, 30)

Design is ready.

Now we have to apply the drives, which is not very easy due to the confined space. The regular levers and handles are positioned quite some distance from the track. This makes it awkward to place them. For my German drives I have found some parameter in the config to bring it nearer to the track. Somewhere in download I have seen American or Australian invisible drives. Well, you should find some solution for the problem, that one of the drives ends up in the neighboring track, as seen in my screenshots.

To concentrate the drives to the center of the slip is no solution at all (at least not for me) because there is the difficulty in placing them, especially with small and very small angles between the tracks, and matching them to the different points.


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