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To-Scale Switches and Slips (part.2), by Dr. Norbert Aust (Switchdoc)
 Read | Write  comments: 10 Posted Sun May 04 2003 4:02pm
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So at first we introduce the four additional splinepoints (Fig.21) (but for clearity I deleted the much discussed splinepoint in the neighboring track).


And now the fumbling begins, but we will learn by practice to do this pretty fast. Each and every of these splinepoints is to be adjusted by itself, checking the position of the track by that said pinetree. If you do any wrong movement, you may receive something like this (Fig.22). Please note the point of intersection not being under the stem of the pine any more. This would result in a sudden jerk for a passing train (and spoil some coffee or beer or what they are having in the dining car).


In the end we should come up with something like this picture here (Fig.23). The better we manage to get symmetry into the splinepoints the better the slip will look in the end. Thats the only incident I know, when we need some perfection in arranging and adjusting things in Trainz.


I have to confess, I do not succeed in this one here on every occasion I try to. Then I use the redo button quite a couple of times, have a game of free cell (I will not recommend a drink or a smoke, no I do not do that. I do not want to have a law suit in the US, no! Do something healthy for body and / or mind) and give it a new try.


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