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GP7 Tutorial, by Josh E. Harvey
 Read | Write  comments: 11 Posted Thu Feb 07 2002 12:02pm
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This tutorial isn't for the beginner, I expect you to know the basics of 3D Studio Max.
If you don't know about a tool that I use in this tutorial or want to know more about it please do read the manual, please do not email me asking me how to do this or that or email me complaining that it does not tell enough info.
I made this tutorial with the hopes to show a few things that people may not have thought of that could maybe help them improve their locomotives. Good luck and have fun.


The pictures are the same ones that I included with this tutorial, they are of course background pictures. They came from the Manual for the GP7, you will normally find a good deal of info from the manual of the engine you want to built so that should be one of the first things you should find when you want to start a new engine.
One you have your background pictures ready a good idea is to darken them as I have and that will make it a little easier to work with.


Start off by placing the pictures in the background, they may not all
match up right away so it is best to drag a box out over the top view that
the background picture fits inside of, then adjust the side view till it fits
up right. Edit the box so the side view fits inside the box fine, then adjust
the front view tell it fits inside the box.


Don't worry about getting it perfect because you probably wont, Turn off the grid in all viewports to it will make it easier to work.


It doesn't really matter to much what part you start on but for this tutorial we will start on the body.
Start off by dragging a box out in the top view that is about the size of the long hood give it 3 Length segs then convert it to an Editable Mesh, go into vertex sub object mode and adjust the box to fit the long hood in the picture.



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