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GP7 Tutorial, by Josh E. Harvey
 Read | Write  comments: 11 Posted Thu Feb 07 2002 12:02pm
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Before you attach the Cab back to the engine go through the model and delete any polygons that wont be seen or can't be seen, and before you are done don't forget to click on "remove isolated vertices"
Also, don't wait to the last second to delete those polygons that wont be seen, or it will be harder to do, I didn't say anything about it tell here though because I didn't want someone deleting something to early, plan ahead and make sure you don't delete something you mite want there.

To get it down to the right size Group the Locomotive then pull in the sample Dash9 locomotive and group that while it is still selected then size down your new locomotive to about the right size then use the "Tape" helper to get it just right. Delete the Dash9 then when everything looks good and ungroup your locomotive and finish off doing whatever else you need to do.


You'll also have to reset the XForm, do this by going into the Utilities tab and clicking on the "Reset XForm" button, you may have to adjust the center of the XForm for it to come out right in the game, do this by going into the "Center" sub object of the XForm modifier that is added to your objects when you reset the XForm.
If you do not like using the XForm that much here is a neat little thing I've learned that you can do, create a box and then move the box so its pivot point is where you want it to be for the train then convert the box to an editable mesh and give it the same material as the train, attach the train object to the box then go into the element sub object and delete the box, this is useful where if you have to do extra work and touch ups and the XForm modifier may get in the way.

Well Hope I didn't forget something and I hope you have learned at least one thing, have a nice day and happy modeling.



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