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NYCTA R143 Subway Car
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From: jeremy
Date: Apr 7 2013 10:04am
cpd file WILL NOT WORK FIX IT!!!

From: luiscal2
Date: Jan 10 2012 05:51am
Dear friend, I found in "Trainz Luvr" the subway that you created, I'm glad it is my hobby and entertainment, I congratulate you because it is a very beautiful work, I'm sure you'll enjoy it much, I would like to hear from you and your new work looks great beautiful as the other cars. thank you very much to you, your patience and your creativity. Many congratulations and success in your new jobs. Best regards Luis H. Calderon Santiago de Chile

From: Richards
Date: Nov 13 2011 03:17pm
Could someone on here tell us how you can make this car work as its on my list but does not appear. There are loads of errors in the config like for example king as a tag?

From: Richards
Date: Nov 8 2011 04:11pm
This train is a Nightmare to work it gives a load of errors and when I fix it it still does not work in trainz2006 or classics?

From: louie123
Date: Aug 21 2010 01:39pm
need help how to it to trainz onpen the file push right click on the file then click repair

From: Trainluv
Date: Aug 10 2010 02:09pm
How do I download thru WinRaR? Please respond in commenting

From: murriel
Date: Jul 2 2010 05:10pm
how come it want let me download it any more its a music download so i cant get it

From: AFB64
Date: Jan 15 2010 02:20pm
Hey haw do you make the destination signs and the cab?

From: huy
Date: Dec 1 2009 07:39am
Fak you bich!!! Fuck...Fak off

From: pat
Date: Oct 13 2009 05:07pm
When do you expect to finish the R143

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