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NYCTA R143 Subway Car
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From: Bryan
Date: Jul 9 2009 09:00am
I Rode this thing in new york can i customism it so it the real deal interior

From: Djreelz
Date: May 19 2009 11:12pm
Nice lokking R143 but how the hell do you install this to trainz classics?

Date: Jan 22 2008 08:10pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:20am

From: Francis90km
Date: Aug 5 2007 04:13am
I love your subway cars, especially marta, so beautiful!!!!!!!Don't mind when sopme peoople criticize your work, if they want it better they should create themselves, You ROCK!!!!!!!!!

From: craig wiggins
Date: Oct 13 2006 07:40pm
mna this guy is definatly one of the best around his work is impecable and detalied again u have out done yourself

From: kyae
Date: Sep 5 2006 05:07pm
nice car good detailes the sound sounds just like the l train

From: DeAndre
Date: Aug 7 2006 12:00am
Nice Car...if you need the destination signs readings jus email since the R-143 runs on the L and M Lines. But it has programs for all of the Lettered lines, and i can get the readings for you since my friend runs the R143s on the L....but if you need them jus email me....

From: zealwing
Date: Jul 7 2006 01:52pm
Thanks for uploading the r143 Jaleel keep up the good work! ;)

From: mbta
Date: Jul 7 2006 12:13am
way to go jaleeel once again u have put a smile on us traction fans once more i love ur subway car just love it. pls continue with these projects and ty :)

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