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MBTA PCC Trolley
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From: blehmann
Date: Feb 11 2002 07:03pm
Great update, Damon!:) Henry.

From: Dave
Date: Jan 30 2002 02:33pm
Excellent models. They run so smooth. Keep up the good work.

From: Gregand
Date: Jan 29 2002 06:24pm
Very good !, And the layout ? were can I find it, IF ?

From: John Ewan
Date: Jan 29 2002 04:23pm
Fabulous job - well done.

From: K3nn7
Date: Jan 29 2002 03:40pm
oh yes, OH YES! it's drool time again :p

From: rustic_1
Date: Jan 29 2002 01:47pm
Great job I've loved traction for fifty years. Thanks for all your work. Russ

From: Boco
Date: Jan 29 2002 07:49am

From: Diego Gallina
Date: Jan 28 2002 07:59pm
These are awesome! Bring back memories of childhood in boston. Can't wait to build a traction layout with these! Diego

From: tolaris
Date: Jan 28 2002 06:34pm
Looks excellent :D i have trolleys for this very type of tram modeled and working in Trainz... so if you want them, let me know. They still need to be textured, though...

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