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MARTA Subway Car
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From: Jerome
Date: May 28 2004 03:12pm
Wow! I downloaded the SP2 version of the subway cars, they are wonderful. Great job!. I can't wait for the route to run them on. It would be cool if when the doors closed there was a chime. Do you think that is possible? If not they train is still awesome. Keep up the good work.

From: Jaleel
Date: May 20 2004 09:09pm
Jerome that's something I'm currently working on. It's proven to be very difficult for me though. The Marta is nearly finished actually...I'm just working on adding SP2 support to it. Jaleel

From: Jerome
Date: May 10 2004 08:20pm
Very nice MARTA cars. I live Alpharetta just north of ATL and use MARTA many times. I can say they look just like the real thing. I hope that with the new SP2 the doors will be able to operate.

From: Jaleel
Date: May 5 2004 11:17pm
The route is something I'm working on very very :)

From: Jeff
Date: Apr 24 2004 08:53pm
Great subway! What is the route in those screen chots? Thanks.

From: Scott J.
Date: Feb 28 2004 05:47pm
Hey, whenever I look at the train from the front the windows get all jagged with black triangles on them.

From: gabe
Date: Feb 19 2004 12:02pm
Hi, I downloaded file, but cant get it to install, it says its not a valid cdp file? any ideas..thanks

From: Jaleel
Date: Feb 8 2004 01:30pm
Kitch, Operation Doors will come but they may only be a feature for TRS as I'm having problems getting them to show up making them pantographs. They are on the list and will show up in eather Beta 2 or 3.

From: kitkan68
Date: Feb 8 2004 09:44am
very nice cars do the doors operate? and how do I do? thanks for this kitch

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