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MARTA Subway Car
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From: Callum027
Date: Jan 14 2007 07:56pm
This is awesome. PLEASE don't make this TRS2004 only on final release. :)

Date: Jun 6 2005 02:29am

Date: Mar 29 2005 02:03pm

From: Ben
Date: Jan 28 2005 12:06pm
I like this model, it has an exxellent paint job and the techinical amenities are astounding. Great job!

Date: Jan 6 2005 09:49am

Date: Jan 6 2005 04:20am

From: JayInAtlanta
Date: Oct 22 2004 01:57pm
Great train. Very nice interior, nice cab view, good passengers. Love the job. Please contact me if you need any pictures of the train or its routes from someone who lives in the heart of this great city.

From: Busguy
Date: Jun 21 2004 11:41am
Just wanted to thank you for sending me the site info so that I could download the MARTA Car. It is outstanding. Do you know if the SilverSide or Greenliner will ever be made available for 2004 SP2? Those were outstanding so was the electroliner as well. Again, thank you. I hope to see a pure traction site with cars and layouts.

From: Jaleel
Date: Jun 1 2004 12:04am
Jerome, It's still in the beta stages and as I figure things out with TRS more and more stuff will get added. The door sounds should come along with the next release as well as the digital's still extra hard finding images of these cars for some reason. Jaleel

From: Jerome
Date: May 28 2004 06:12pm
One more thing. Like I said the cars are great but is it possible to put the MARTA logo and car #'s on the trains? Also is it possible the put words on the digital display signs? I'm not asking for you to do this these are just suggestions. Once again keep up the good work.

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