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Big radius curves and transition curves, by Dr. Norbert Aust (Switchdoc)
 Read | Write  comments: 10 Posted Sun Apr 20 2003 10:47pm
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Step 2: Marking of all the points

Starting with the first auxiliary point we find this point by applying one ruler of 132.4 m due east and from this point another one of 43.0 m due north. In Fig.03 I mark this point with a pinetree which proved very handy because it can be seen from far distant and allows the footpoint to be seen from an angle high above.


For better reference lateron I marked the track I started with with a pinetree as well.

Basically accuracy by eyesight is enough when putting the rulers. Just check if the arrows are spaced the same from the parallel gridlines at starting and terimanting arrowhead. That should do.

Next point (fig.04): Simply prolong the west-east ruler to 247.7 meters from track end, from there we apply a new ruler of 120.8 m due north and put down a marking tree there too.


Finally (fig.05) we do so with all the points given in the spreadsheet (leaving out the circle's center of course, this one is for checking purpose only).


We take a good look at the map from different angles (fig.06) to check if we did not do any mistakes like mess up the digits or whatever else may happen.


After some experience in laying track you will derive some fair judgement if what you did might be okay or not.


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