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The current wish list is shown below, to add your own wish to the list please click but be sure to put only *one* wish per entry, please do not pile up your wishes in one spot.

To see a wish, click on its title. You will also be able to place your vote for that item, but have in mind that votes do not mean project will be worked on, they simply signify amount of interest in perticular item.
You may also select a special viewing option, currently it is set to

If you know that a wish has been fulfilled, but it is not marked in here, please email and send us the URL where the item can be found. Thanks !

TitleCategorySubmission byDateVotes
Cranes for the port Scenery Kryten Mon Jan 21 2002, 07:08pm 142
Better Alco sounds Other Adam Gase Thu Mar 28 2002, 10:19am 141
Consist names/numbers Other Terry Warner Thu Jan 3 2002, 12:29pm 140
Fire Station Scenery CeeBee Fri Jan 18 2002, 05:50pm 139
Vehicles Other Martin Fri Apr 12 2002, 12:18pm 137
coal powerplants Scenery Mat P of K & M Wed May 8 2002, 03:43pm 133
3 lane and 4 lane track Other Zaroba Thu Mar 14 2002, 10:50pm 129
dump trucks, concrete trucks Scenery MAT Tue May 7 2002, 11:02pm 126
logging machines Scenery mat Tue May 7 2002, 11:10pm 126
create a quarry Scenery mat Tue May 7 2002, 10:59pm 123
Object editor/creator easier than g-max Other MAT P OF K & M Sat May 11 2002, 10:40am 123
Freeway ( 4 Lane Highway) Scenery MarshalLaw Fri Dec 28 2001, 01:12pm 121
Match consists to layouts Layout Scot Fri May 3 2002, 07:21pm 120
ITALIAN LOCOMOTIVES "FS" Rolling Stock Fabio Sat May 25 2002, 04:53am 118
UK 'humpback' road bridge Scenery Andy Martin Sun Apr 14 2002, 08:01pm 117
VEHICLE VARIETY Scenery MAT P of K & M Fri May 10 2002, 06:59pm 117
maple trees Scenery Mat P of K & M Sat May 11 2002, 10:03am 113
European Things Scenery RFG Fri Dec 28 2001, 06:01am 106
plate girder bridge Scenery Chris Caswell (mrccm456789) Sat Jan 12 2002, 02:41pm 105
SD45, SD9, and SD24 Rolling Stock Adam Gase Thu Mar 28 2002, 10:13am 105
caterpillar freight cars Rolling Stock mat p of k & m Sat May 11 2002, 10:13am 105
wintry add ons Scenery Busybeas Sat Dec 29 2001, 10:43am 104
deck girder bridges Scenery Chris Caswell (mrccm456789) Sat Jan 12 2002, 02:43pm 104
McDonald's Restaurant or KFC Restaurant Scenery Michael Mon May 6 2002, 06:18pm 104
All things CN Rolling Stock Gordon Moores Wed Jan 2 2002, 04:18pm 103
Double deck bridge Scenery agentorange Sun Jan 13 2002, 11:07pm 103
would like to see some dash 9 ? Rolling Stock sean Sun May 19 2002, 11:02am 103
Weather/Daytime Mode Item Other Tanja Alzi Tue Mar 26 2002, 02:45pm 101
Object Preview Program Other Tanja Alzi Sat Apr 13 2002, 12:17pm 100
Bigger Water Tank Scenery Andy_N Sun Dec 30 2001, 07:43am 99
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