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Date: Jan 22 2008 08:20pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:54am

Date: Jun 6 2005 03:54am

Date: Jan 6 2005 01:19pm

Date: Jan 6 2005 05:26am

From: aradlaw
Date: Sep 19 2002 06:01am
I see an update as of Sept 16 02, but the file is the same as preSP3, is this in fact now SP3 content? Thanks, would love to have this back. Dave in Brampton

From: smcbride15
Date: Feb 27 2002 03:13pm
The .exe does not work. Am now downloading zip file. GREAT PICTURES!!

From: tranzform
Date: Jan 29 2002 07:02pm
dude, i was the one who requested those MBTA trolleys and trains on your site a couple days before the Trainz forum request. i gotta say, ooooohhhh man. the 1st of the trolleys is UN-FRIKKIN-BELIEVABLE!!! it's awesome. i can't wait for these "type 7" trolleys. the movement between the trolleys is so real looking. i remember these versions from the past. now, we ride the newer versions, the "type 7". i can't wait to see how you tackle those. eager waiting in anticipation. :)

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