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DB Popfarben coaches

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Fri Apr 23 2004, 09:17pm
Leader: tom-sa - Tom Andresen
Team: Tom "tom-sa" Andresen, Steinar Hveding

This project covers DB coaches of the types Am, ABm, Bm, BDms and Dm.

Thanks to Peter Hanslip, for the Bm234 drawing these coaches are based on.
Thanks to Martin Silz, for supplying information, and for his patience answering the never-ending string of questions from Steinar regarding German paintschemes.

18:10, 19th of March 2004:
The first pack is now released as .cdp for TRS and .zip for SP3/4/UTC.

It includes:
Blutorange/Kieselgrau Am203
Blutorange/Kieselgrau ABm223
Kobaltblau/Kieselgrau Bm234
Chromdioxidgrün/Kieselgrau Dm902
Minden Deutz 33 bogie

21:31, 19th of March 2004:
An error has been discovered in the config file for the Bm234 coach that will prevent it from working under some conditions.

I'm taking down the packs and reuploading them.

Check back in about 15 minutes for corrected versions of the pack.

21:38, 19th of March 2004:
The fixed packs have now been uploaded.
I recommend everyone who downloaded the first pack to redownload and reinstall.

23:08, 23th of April 2004:
Steinar and I have updated this pack to V1.2.
The new pack has support for TRS2004 invisible passenger loading, some tweaks to the skins and meshes, and a new wagon:
Chromdioxidgrün/Kieselgrau Bm232

Of couse, the wagons still work with SP3/4/UTC. Just get the .zip version.

23:43, 23th of April 2004:
Uploaded a small update of the MD33 bogie.

I should clarify, btw, that if you have TRS, you should download the .cdp files, and if you have SP3/4UTC, you should download the .zip files.


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