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From: Combinozg
Date: Aug 18 2008 03:27am
Would you make them with interior and cab?

Date: Jan 22 2008 08:20pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:54am

From: supes123456789
Date: Feb 11 2006 01:41pm
Anyone else having problems with this model and Trainz 2006?

Date: Jan 16 2006 03:00pm
these trolleys are amazing and just to let everyone Know Mehano sells these in HO and there prity good i have one and therea tad noisy but still impressive you can find it at in the train section under the hobby section right at the bottom of the page and can be purchased in three liveries LRV Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco and California hope it helped someone!!!!!!!!!;-)

Date: Jun 6 2005 03:54am

From: Z.w.
Date: Apr 14 2005 05:39pm
OK these trollys are amazing but i have one request. Would you consider making the redline and orangeline cars form boston to?

From: Miguel G
Date: Jan 14 2005 10:36pm
I love these cars. I used to ride the Boeings (the car manufacturer) on the Muni system in San Francisco. In 2000 though, they were retired for Italian Imports (Bredas) because there were problems with them. They now sit in a yard with other vintage cars waiting to be scrapped. Some though were preserved. One, number 1258, was preserved about 40 miles north of SF in Rio Vista, and another, number 1213 preserved at the Oregon Empire Railway Museum. Their site is: Western Railway Museum:

Date: Jan 6 2005 01:19pm

Date: Jan 6 2005 05:26am

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