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DB BR 150

Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Status: Final Release
Last Update: Sun Jul 27 2003, 08:29am
Leader: tom-sa - Tom Andresen
Team: N/A

The DB BR 150 is a heavy electric locomotive designed for freight hauling.

This particular one is the 150 022-2, in Beige/Ozeanblau livery.

Thanks to DB143 for the my collection description.
Thanks to Steinar Hveding for help with the colors.
Thanks to Fredrik Skog for helping me out with panto animation.
Thanks to Scott Struik for helping me with the headlights.
Thanks to Josh E. Harvey for help with booleans.
Thanks to Yojimbo for feedback and suggestions during the development process, as well as help with the numbering and lettering.
Thanks to Steffen Gross for help with DB logos.

If you are making a repaint, you're free to distribute repainted bogies, loco body and pantos, as long as you assign new kuids.

If you want to make a variant model, mail me, and I might agree to give you the mesh files.

DB143 has repainted the 150 into DB Cargo Verkehrsrot, Orientrot, and Chromdioxidgrün. The repaints are available under files. Thanks DB143! :)
The repaints require the Beige/Ozeanblau 150 022-2 to work.

The V1.1 of the 150 022-2 in Beige/Ozeanblau is now available for download. It will replace the previous Beige/Ozeanblau 150.

The v1.1 features the following fixes and improvements:
The Trennschalter on the roof has been fixed.
The buffer assembly at one end was mirrored. It is now fixed.
Added the large communications cable on the right side of the fronts.
Added the small socket just to the left of the front logo.
2 minor texture mapping enhancements.

Update: DB143's repaints are now available in v1.1. They feature skin enhancements, and now use mesh files rather than aliasing, so shadows now work.


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