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StopGap Scenario Thingy v1.3
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Date: Jan 22 2008 08:20pm

Date: Jan 22 2008 09:54am

Date: Jun 6 2005 03:54am

Date: Jan 6 2005 01:19pm

Date: Jan 6 2005 05:26am

From: vallici
Date: Aug 5 2003 06:45pm
Here;s the file you need... Download it and put it in your windows\system folder... He he it's a long adress, but it's worth it

From: zaxxon
Date: Jan 21 2003 09:27pm
hi brian i entered the last comment and was hoping for a answer to my problem i have trainz version 1.3 and i am tring to make a senario simple two sigals one lever and a trigger but i get a cannot load script message whae i go to run it please help i need to know exactly were to paste the files produced by stopgap and also were can i get peters consist helper help?????????????

From: zaxxon
Date: Jan 20 2003 01:06pm
please help i am so close to getting a simple senario made in your tutorial you give alot of info but i just dont know were to paste all the files like were game play starts ,were the thread id and also what to do with the code at the very top there is no instructions on were to put it please help i ahve been triying for days to do this thank you AL

From: Smileyman
Date: Jan 5 2003 07:58pm
Thanks Dave. Glad you like it. StopGap2 should be out towards the end of January, and it's coming along very nicely. About half way there with the coding, and plenty more testing to go. Can't wait to release it because I think it really takes Scenario Scripting to the next level. Smileyman.

From: Dave Smith (chuffchuff on Auran Forums)
Date: Dec 24 2002 07:14am
Brian you are a star for keeping this wonderful product updated for us amateur Trainz coders. Thanks.

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