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Mk1 Coaching Stock
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From: Rod (Comtrain)
Date: Nov 8 2002 09:33pm
Steve Cannot find your 6 Nov Files? particularly the Green Southern set?? Has luvvr stuffed up, ohave the files been upgraded despite the September date? Cheers Rod

From: IsambardKBrunel
Date: Apr 15 2002 03:49am
You cant run any british route,without decent MK1 rolling stock.These fit the bill brilliantly.Excellent models and personally i would say better than Aurans MK2`s.

From: sdark
Date: Apr 11 2002 04:58pm
Thanks for your comments. Neil, If you look at the pic that I have posted, if you look at the end, under the grime, you can see that the coach end is the same colour as the body side.

From: electra
Date: Apr 11 2002 01:39pm
The new Mk1's lookin' good, Steve :-) Can't wait to try it out :-D

From: neil
Date: Apr 10 2002 11:13am
The latest picture of the maroon mk1 looks very good. Just one small point,the ends of the coach should be black,not the same colour as the sides.

From: railrover
Date: Mar 28 2002 10:01am
Version 3 .... looks good. Length now fixed.... can't wait!

From: smcbride15
Date: Mar 18 2002 07:36am
I downloaded the Scotrail and Intercity liveries. The Scotrail installed fine but the intercity one said there was a violation of some sort and it didn't install, could you make a zip file available. BTW, the Scotrail coaches look great

From: Mike Wright
Date: Mar 18 2002 07:11am
Very nice, BUT.... I think your underframes are too short. I suspect you've built the coaches on 57ft frames, but the MK1 coach was build on a 63ft frame, and is the same length as the MK2 coach. Either Auran's MK2's are too long, or yours are too short. I'm glad you've made the effort in producing all these different liveries and coach variations though. Keep up the good work!

From: rdrberry
Date: Mar 14 2002 09:05am
looks great. Plenty of options..... Suggest one older era livery Crimson of S Region Green would be attractive. Commonwealth bogies ; are these possible?

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